You should know the non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns order process requirements

by:Rongde     2020-07-24
Zhongshan lamps factory can accept non-standard custom lighting, chandeliers, lamps and lanterns of hotel rooms, such as hotel lobby lounge hall droplight, example room lamps and lanterns, large crystal lamp, marble engineering lamp, non-standard custom lamps and lanterns, etc. Now many construction sites are custom need to lamp act the role ofing, because it is difficult to fit in the space is not custom style, size, and personalized needs. In order to achieve the customer demand non-standard custom, zhongshan lamps lighting custom service launched in 2008, lamps and lanterns, to adapt to the needs of different style, different technology, different design, at the same time, with the attitude of rigorous, keep improving implementation of lighting art realm.

we have four advantages all enough to make our customers choose the reason why we do non-standard custom lighting; One is zhongshan lamps lighting since 2008 to launch professional non-standard custom service of lamps and lanterns, non-standard custom preferred brands of lamps and lanterns, experienced professional for you to solve the problem; Second, non-standard custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of regular brand, ensure that the primary source for selling products, cost savings for you; Three is zhongshan lamps factory lighting has a professional product design team, professional to provide you with customized solutions, deeply customer favour; Four is the perfect after-sale service system for you to solve all after-sale worries.

the following zhongshan lamps factory lamp act the role ofing to popularize the non-standard customized process requirements engineering lamps and lanterns, let our customers know how to choose non-standard custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, they want to better buy right, comfortable and pleasant non-standard customized lamps and lanterns. There are 5 is to pay attention to.

1, non-standard custom of lamps and lanterns require full contact and communication between client and designer, to inform the designer own interests as well as the style, so designer will according to the actual situation of the room to develop a reasonable lamps and lanterns is customized programs.
2, designers may, when necessary, take the customer to have a closer look at non-standard customized sample exhibition hall of lamps and lanterns, and then look at the making craft of lamps and lanterns, communicate with customers about the popular trend. Through communication, designers have roughly understanding of client's needs, you can determine the lamps and lanterns of custom preliminary scheme, after designed to please customers confirm again.
3 measure the actual position and size of lamps and lanterns, the designer, such as the installation position of lamps and lanterns, put the position, the designer from the perspective of multidimensional measure of the location of lamps and lanterns, to do fine accurate measure. At the same time, also note the custom and lamps and lanterns with furniture, adornment or hang around collocation, conforms to the collocation of color and visual changes.
4, designers, can according to the actual measurement results to map the conforms to the requirements of the drawings, then carries on the preliminary plan to communicate with customers, and for not satisfied place can ask designer to change until the customer satisfaction.
5, non-standard custom process of lamps and lanterns, between manufacturers and customers to discuss about the material, surface treatment and so on. After the completion of custom manufacturers to invite customer site acceptance.
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