You need to understand the knowledge of choose and buy four full copper lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-05
All copper lamp is a relatively broad concept, it also contains the whole copper chandelier, full copper absorb dome light, all the copper wall lamp, floor lamp and the copper, etc. Below small make up take you to understand the choose and buy of the four full copper lamp of knowledge.

full copper chandeliers
full copper chandelier is with a pole, chain hoist, lamps and lanterns hanging on the ceiling for the overall lighting lamps and lanterns, is senior interior ceiling decoration lighting. Copper chandelier all when the choose and buy the first is to choose droplight, according to the height of the room under normal circumstances, the installation height of droplight, its lowest point from the ground shall be not less than 2. 2 meters; In addition, still need to choose according to home decorate a style, European style decorating select classic full copper Europe type droplight, Chinese style style decorating select corresponding copper all Chinese style droplight.

full copper dome light
full copper dome light is to install the suction in particular completely on the ceiling of a kind of lamps and lanterns, concise and easy, maintain clean and convenient. All copper dome light when the choose and buy should pay attention to quality of lamp shade. Chimney should choose is not easy to damage the material, transmission of light to high and could not show luminous tubes.

full copper wall lamp
full copper wall lamp with glass lamp shade more commonly, through the wall of the reflected light, can make the light is downy, projection and multiple effect of shading light, wall lamp adornment effect than general lighting effect is more obvious, so when the choice, should first take a look at it after being installed on the wall effect and then make a decision. When the choice, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the lamp and wall lamp back.

full copper floor lamp
full copper floor lamp as local lighting, not comprehensive, and emphasize the convenience of mobile, for corner atmosphere build is very important. Floor lamp light if it is directly downward projection, suitable for need concentration of activities such as reading, if it is indirect lighting, it is can adjust the light change as a whole. When all copper floor lamp of choose and buy, want to consider the height of smallpox, if the ceiling is too low, the light can only focused on the local area, will make the person feels soft light too bright enough.

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