You have to understand the sitting room of droplight four principles of choose and buy

by:Rongde     2020-09-09
Now people's living standard has improved, with high requirements for the quality of life have, decorate in the family of lamps and lanterns of high aesthetic taste also change accordingly, the pursuit of more detailed and personalized decoration style. Droplight sitting room occupies an important part of the whole family is decorated in order to ensure the safety and beauty coexist, the installation process also needs to follow certain principles, below small make up tell everyone sitting room droplight of choose and buy the four principles. Safe and reliable

all involves electrical furniture shall ensure that its security. When buying droplight sitting room, several remember to buy normal manufacturer products, does not select unqualified products, thus skimping on small loss. In general, the lamps and lanterns of normal will be marked with some use indices, such as power, wattage. Different use function, the lamps and lanterns should also be different, make sure that does not exceed the maximum load.

simple convenient
droplight of the sitting room shoulds not be too complex modelling, and design and color is shoulds not be too multifarious, in the light bulb is a lot of people is a headache thing, especially the big droplight of sitting room and dining-room, can choose to lift type lamps and lanterns of high and low degree of mediation, so as to avoid the past on the desk and chair, legs upward to change the light bulb.

the overall coordination of the
the same space in a variety of lamps and lanterns should maintain the color, style and style of coordination, droplight sitting room with other furniture as far as possible also should maintain all aspects of the same or similar.
energy conservation and environmental protection now decorate all pay attention to save resources and low carbon environmental protection, droplight sitting room as well. When buying droplight sitting room, can choose energy-efficient light bulbs, not only ensure illumination, but also saves the electricity.

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