, wrought iron lamp shade, most of them are painted by hand

by:Rongde     2020-08-13
Wrought iron lamp body is made of two parts, the stability of the iron frame can make it better, resin can shape the modelling of make it of more diversified, also can have the effect of corrosion resistance, not conductive. , wrought iron lamp shade, most of them are hand painted, tonal give priority to with warm color to move, so you can send out a kind of sweet and downy light, can foil more elegance and romance of European style decoration. Buy wall lamp, wrought iron lamp manufacturer recommends that, first of all to have a look at the quality of itself of lamps and lanterns. Chimney is usually made of glass, and support is usually made of metal. Lampshade mainly to see whether the transmission of light right, and on the surface of the design and color should correspond with the integral style of the bedroom. The corrosion resistance of the metal are in good condition, the bar droplight is colour and lustre is bright beautiful full check the important measure of quality. Connected to the wall lamp wires should choose light color, easy to coating color consistent with the wall paint, to maintain the cleanliness of the wall. In addition, you can dig a on the wall just embedded wire slot, embedded in the wire, with lime fill and level up, besmear again the same as the wall color coating. The advantages and disadvantages of bar chandelier pendent lamp plastic material: plastic droplight modelling changeable, low cost, easy to clean with, choice of the color is rich, is now more popular with young people the droplight varieties. But plastic droplight of poor quality and some plastic chandelier will produce certain peculiar smell after heated, harmful to health. , wrought iron lamp body generally consists of two local iron and resin, iron frame can make the better stability of lamps and lanterns, resin can make light of exterior shape more diversification, but also have the effect of anticorrosion, non-conductive, wrought iron lamp shade most of them are painted by hand, color is given priority to with warm color, so it can distribute out of a warm, gentle light, can foil more elegance and romance of European style decoration, when choosing furniture, wrought iron lamp, remind, be sure to check carefully, wrought iron lamp hob is solid, surface technology is good and detail, so as to ensure the safety in the process of using, wrought iron lamp in the subsequent and long service life.
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