Wrought iron droplight not only limited to the Europe type style of decoration

by:Rongde     2020-07-30
Now in the market sales, wrought iron chandelier, mostly adopts full lead, wrought iron. The content of lead oxide in more than 30% to ensure the transparency of wrought iron; Tell from the plane, rules, level off, smooth, angular plane is the guarantee of wrought iron refraction effect; In addition, wrought iron good no bubble, crack and impurities. Wrought iron chandelier, using a special process, the corrosion resistance is strong, and wrought iron chandelier design feeling is strong, also highlights the host's unique life taste. When the choose and buy, wrought iron chandelier needs to pay attention to the design, modelling, color, style of droplight coordinated with interior decoration style. , wrought iron chandelier, the body of the general is composed of two local iron and resin, iron frame can make the better stability of lamps and lanterns, resin can make light of exterior shape more diversification, but also have the effect of anticorrosion, non-conductive, wrought iron the chimney of droplight, most of them are painted by hand, color is given priority to with warm color, so it can distribute out of a warm, gentle light, can foil more elegance and romance of European style decoration, when choosing furniture, wrought iron chandelier, nine are home JuWang remind must carefully check, wrought iron chandelier hob is solid, surface technology is good and detail, so as to ensure, wrought iron chandelier in the process of subsequent use, safety and service life for a long time. Droplight factory zhongshan lighting factory, wrought iron chandelier is not only suitable for European style decoration, as long as the styles of lamps and lanterns and home interior decoration style collocation line; To decorate a bedroom with iron in Europe is already in the past many years, but doesn't seem to be so popular in China, until in recent years, rural rural style prevalent in the interior decoration industry, made in the past exists only for a small amount of personalized needs of the market to be bestowed favor on newly, wrought iron chandelier, became the lamps and lanterns, so the country rural style of the decoration is wrought iron chandelier, can be used to install the collocation. Don't rinse the lamps and lanterns is good, as long as can wipe with dry dishcloth dips in water, if accidentally encounter water dry, also want to try to avoid by all means immediately with a damp cloth to wipe, after turn on the light because the light bulb temperature easily under the influence of water burst. In addition, wrought iron chandelier in placed in use, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp house that would make the droplight falls off easily. And often don't check regularly.
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