Wrought iron chandelier with feng shui problems which need attention

by:Rongde     2020-08-19
1, appropriate USES light color to move the ceiling ceiling on behalf of the sitting room, the floor on behalf of the land. The color of the ceiling to light, the color of the floor to deep, namely 'day light and heavy', this does not appear on the vision of taishan coping. Since the ceiling of the sitting room is the symbol of day, so the color should be like the color of the day, such as light blue symbol of the blue sky, white symbolizes the white cloud. 2, the sitting room should be installed circular, wrought iron chandelier bright indoor to feel, so the light of the sitting room wants enough, dark living room environment will influence the development of the career. The sitting room condole supports the choice of lamps and lanterns is very important, it is best to use a circular, wrought iron chandelier or absorb dome light, because the circle have a complete sense of happiness. Some of the sitting room is lack of sunshine, indoor light slants dark, depressing easily. Dark slot set fluorescent lamp, that would be best on every side from the ceiling of the reflected light, soft and not dazzling. Closest to the sun light of fluorescent lamp, the lack of natural light in the room is the most appropriate. 3, wrought iron chandelier should tianchi light affect our mood and daily work life. If in order to make the roof beam can accommodate, wrought iron chandelier and pressure too low, and it is this in terms of feng shui or design is very nice. In this case, can use low high modelling smallpox, in this way, not only on the vision more comfortable, but also form a 'tianchi' water within the ceiling, it is a big advantage for a house. If in the middle of the water 'tianchi' hung a beautiful decoration, such as crystal, wrought iron chandelier, can rise to make the finishing point of the effect, but can't mount the mirror on the ceiling, this is a taboo in fengshui. 4, according to the principles of feng shui of the sitting room, wrought iron chandelier first, smallpox, wrought iron chandelier, avoid is used a square, square, wrought iron chandelier and middle person will become a 'prison' word, make you in jail. Second, avoid fishbone restriction, wrought iron chandelier, fishbone, first of all, on behalf of the poor, no fish to eat, and then the bone itself is evil, so we should be careful to use.
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