Wrought iron chandelier, rust, how to deal with more appropriate?

by:Rongde     2020-08-15
Wrought iron chandelier lamp holder after galvanized, galvanized light corrosion began to surface. If you first see the rust, then you can use toothpaste and other but do not contain any corrosive elements has certain friction material wiped gently mild rust. Once the severe corrosion and coating will flake and base material have also been severe corrosion. At this point, there is no good way, that is to say, it is being polished, and soon will become more serious. Wrought iron chandelier lighting can be used on the ground, wall lamp, use effect and beautification effect can meet the corresponding requirements. In order to in their spare time watching TV and reading, good buy multipole floor lamp. In the sitting room buy chandeliers method show that in terms of local lighting, fortunately, watching TV and reading a book when close to absorb dome light. Open the floor lamp is not only a dazzling, but make the environment more peaceful and elegant. Compared with other lamps and lanterns, the maintenance of iron chandelier more to avoid collision, and cannot be exposed in damp environment for a long time. Moist environment will rust or on the surface of the blowing air. Therefore, please use dry clean cloth to wipe the iron chandelier. Usually, high grade, wrought iron chandelier, long service life, maintenance need more maintenance. Pay attention to the fusion of traditional Chinese elements. Chinese style chandelier usually contains rich Chinese traditional elements of shape, such as 'lotus light', 'butterfly flower' love, 'cool breeze moonlight', 'four gentleman plum orchid bamboo and chrysanthemum'. Chinese classical poetic couplet, pottery and porcelain of Ming dynasty, classical novels, and even myth characters combined with Chinese chandeliers, create different types of lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, chandeliers, etc. , aftertaste letting a person is boundless.
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