Wrought iron chandelier, matters needing attention and main style

by:Rongde     2020-08-21
1, can distinguish between man-made, wrought iron and natural, wrought iron: for sale on the market at present the most, wrought iron lamp, wrought iron, namely artificial made of wrought iron, expert introduction, due to natural, wrought iron often contain natural flaws, such as horizontal stripes, floc and resources are limited and expensive, so the market sales, wrought iron lamp are produced by using artificial, wrought iron or wrought iron. 2, pay attention to the difference of artificial, wrought iron, although with is artificial, wrought iron, but the quality of different artificial, wrought iron grade and is not the same, because the value of wrought iron lamp is largely determined by the iron, so you need to focus on the quality, wrought iron. Expert introduction, when the proportion of lead oxide containing glass reached more than 24%, refraction degree reaches 1. 545, you can call it, wrought iron lamp. 3, pay attention to household space height for the installation of the chandelier for indoor height is generally have certain requirements, generally speaking, wrought iron chandelier installed 70 centimeters high, carry empty, wrought iron chandelier height - in 150 Between 180 cm. Wrought iron chandelier, for example, when installed in the sitting room, should have below 2 meters of space, installed in the restaurant, to set aside 1 below. 8 - 1. 9 meters of space, consumers can choose according to actual condition to purchase the corresponding height of lamps and lanterns, so when the choose and buy, wrought iron chandelier also have to consider whether their own household space is suitable for installation. 4, pay attention to the quality of stents, wrought iron chandelier, : after determine the specifications of the lamps and lanterns, can begin to choose the style, when choosing, wrought iron chandelier style before, it's best to see what was the stent materials, wrought iron on the market at present the design of lamps and lanterns with gold plated metal stents, PVC, acrylic and glass holder is tie-in, wrought iron pendants, although PVC material support can make the wrought iron lamp appears more bright, but may have insufficient strength or easy to damage. Acrylic stand a long pale yellow easily. Chrome plated metal stents easy oxidation discoloration, so nine is home JuWang suggest you try to choose gold plated metal stents, wrought iron lamp, it can not only ensure overall, wrought iron lamp, bright luster, but use after period of time can still keep droplight does not change color, do not fade. ( 1) Modern style, modern style, wrought iron chandelier, is very exquisite originality in design, to use the simplest design to create the most unusual lamps and lanterns. This kind of style of lamps and lanterns of metropolitan curve or asymmetric line is used to make lamps and lanterns is the main body, the modelling of lamps and lanterns is very much also, often made into the shape of all kinds of animals and plants in nature, such as pedicel, bud, vines, such as insect wings pattern. Modern style furniture gives a person the sense of concise, atmospheric, mostly is very suitable for installation in the contracted and contemporary style of the space. ( 2) Baroque style of baroque, wrought iron chandelier, is also a kind of very popular, wrought iron chandelier style, the style of droplight is derived from the ancient Rome, the earliest its main characteristic is to design with rich, noble, the pursuit of a kind of heavy and complicated is exaggerated, the splendid artistic effect. Will this kind of style, wrought iron chandelier installed indoors, can improve the grade of the indoor decoration, make whole and interior decoration is high-end, the atmosphere. Baroque style, wrought iron chandelier, exquisite luxury, so is suitable for the same pursuit of heavy and complicated, luxuriant sense of Europe type decorates a style.
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