Wrought iron chandelier material and maintain what pay attention to

by:Rongde     2020-08-17
1. Theory of material, wrought iron chandelier for price is relatively cheap and wrought iron due to the characteristics of material itself, plasticity, modelling is more easy, weight is light, but due to the chemical properties of active iron, and wrought iron chandelier process is relatively simple, making it easier for the wrought iron chandelier and air contact reaction, appear rusty phenomenon, made of wrought iron chandelier is shorter service life. Zinc alloy and copper are two materials that make the lamp have qualitative feeling more. But zinc alloy is a integrated, or combinations of several parts, mould cost is higher, the surface is smooth, but if you want to do the pattern effect than copper, copper dyeing surface treatment do you usually do, can do dewaxing parts, casting parts, decorative pattern is clear, exquisite and delicate, especially for copper color effect, especially high-grade. 2. Theory of perception that what is the difference between the three kinds of material of lamp looks, feels and what feeling? Three kinds of material, wrought iron chandelier is one of the most humble, the most simple, simple sense is not strong, but due to the high plasticity, wrought iron, the modelling of wrought iron chandelier in the market now is also the most. And full copper lamp looked a little low-key costly, bright but not highlighted, of primitive simplicity is elegant, component is the heaviest student of the three. Zinc alloy is the most beautiful, looks magnificent, generally use is the most in the KTV, because the reflective highlighted. In touch copper handle is one of the best and smooth as silk. Iron and zinc alloy surface caused by process problem feels there will be a lot of burr, feel is not very good. 3. Theory of maintenance of the maintenance of lamps and lanterns is indispensable! Wrought iron chandelier can't collision exposed in damp environment, once the rust, life is not long. Zinc alloy droplight is outside decoration and bent arm and lamps are zinc alloy material, zinc alloy bend, if zinc alloy lamp body die casting is not good, there are more loose hole, water in the electroplating process will be medicine, when after the plating, hidden potion will seep slowly, can produce moldy phenomenon. Also is the most common defect is zinc alloy lamp surface bubbles, this will seriously affect the beautiful degree of lamps and lanterns. And the copper lamp, through sealing oil processing can effectively prevent rust, if the surface of lamps and lanterns need clean at ordinary times, need only a piece of dry cloth to wipe gently. Generally, the service life of copper lamp are in more than 20 years, and copper lamp is to use the longer the more lasting appeal, appear more restoring ancient ways, and the collection value.
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