Wrought iron chandelier manufacturers take you enjoy color rendering index is what

by:Rongde     2020-08-14
If the United States, wrought iron chandelier lamp holder has electroplating, plating lamp on the rust will start from the base material of rust. First rusty spot, can use a friction force of toothpaste but no corrosive and other materials to carefully wipe to remove slight corrosion. Once serious rust, galvanized coating will flake in proportion, and base material will also be serious rust. At present, there is no any good method, that is, it will be worn out, and will soon become more rust. Light emitting diode is a p - made of special materials N diode. Under the forward bias, when current flows in the junction, they will glow in the process of restructuring and destruction. Small volume, low luminous efficiency, but developed rapidly and has been applied to the traffic lights, indicators, and even some special occasions lighting purposes. Invisible light: compared with visible light, between 360 and 830 nm wavelength of electromagnetic radiation called invisible light. For less than 360 nm wavelength of the electromagnetic wave, ultraviolet and other common understanding is X-ray, R rays and the cosmic rays. More than 780 nm of electromagnetic radiation, including infrared and radio waves. Surface mount LED, three primary colors RGB, three different kinds of monochromatic colors ( According to the different mixing ratio), Can combine most of nature color. Wrought iron chandelier, color rendering index: fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp radiation continuous spectrum. In the visible light ( 380nm- 760nm) Within the scope of it include red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and other colors of light. The object under the fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp lighting will show its true colors, but when the object is discrete spectrum of gas discharge lamp lighting, the color will be different degree of deformation. We will real object color light rendering referred to as the light source color rendering properties. The other light source color rendering index, less than 100. Color rendering index by Ra said. The Ra value, the greater the light source color rendering, the better.
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