Wrought iron chandelier manufacturers share the household space lighting lamps and lanterns select the point

by:Rongde     2020-08-03
Bridal chamber, often found that a lot of room lighting installation is not very ideal, light is not very comfortable, remodeling and be frightened by this trouble. The importance of home lighting became apparent, what are the lighting of choose and buy of the golden rule? Not only have the effect of guarantee lighting lamps and lanterns, and because of its very exquisite shape, material, color, proportion, has become indispensable to interior space decoration. By means of light and shade, looms, strong or weak, and so on to have rhythm control, using a variety of means such as transmission, reflection, refraction, to create different styles of artistic atmosphere and emotional appeal added colorful appeal for people's living environment. The sitting room often used at the top of the lighting design. If indoor height is low, Under 6 m) , choose, wrought iron chandelier manufacturer, absorb dome light or dewaxing glass lamp act the role ofing is tasted better. On the contrary, choose droplight is better. If want to install crystal droplight sitting room, the lights at the bottom of the ground should be less 2. 2m。 If this is the house of double entry, the sitting room has two storeys high, so the design of lamps and lanterns at least they should not be below the position of the second floor. As the illicit close space in the home, bedroom lighting to the lamps and lanterns of downy, adornment sex is strong to build space atmosphere. Available a light absorb dome light as the main light source, setting wall lamp or glow lamp chamfer as decorative lighting, etc. It is important to note that do not use the lamps and lanterns decorate in the bed upper part, which can make people nervous. Restaurants are around most of the time table, so a hanging on the desk, wrought iron chandelier manufacturer chandelier, can effectively increase the space. Flexibility is the main characteristic of dining room lighting, you can use a low lighting to add restaurant taste, or choose a candlelight rendering space. Or at the ceiling set some embedded lamps and lanterns, scattering light can draw the outline of the outline of meal area, to provide basis for local lighting. If you want to sit at the desk reading, only indirect lighting is not enough, at the table Angle placed a lamp that droplight, or accent lighting in upper part set hang droplight. The illume of the study is highly and brightness is very important, the general desk lamp wattage about 60 w advisable, the placement of the desk lamp should be left in front of the desk, so can avoid glare, protect eyesight. Every day there are a lot of movements happening in the kitchen, so the lighting design to try to ensure that no dead Angle. The kitchen is the hub of family, often need to details such as desk work, keep the kitchen bar droplight flexible dispersed, in an attempt to cover a larger area. Considering the every movement in the kitchen, in the blanks below, with the appropriate auxiliary light source to shoot the light to do.
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