Wrought iron chandelier, let consumer to regain his childhood life emotional appeal

by:Rongde     2020-08-02
, wrought iron lamp act the role ofing, originated in Europe, popular in Europe and the United States, but the popular in China is only the thing between in recent years. In 2011, country style began to lead the domestic fashion trends, originally exists only for personalized needs, wrought iron lamp, become the market to be bestowed favor on newly gradually. People have got used modern city blatant, also began to try to, wrought iron lamps and lanterns, contracted style of home decoration, to realize the life emotional appeal. In the past, people like traditional design simple lighting, but in recent years, high quality new lamp is acted the role of the increasingly popular in China. With the increasingly popular stateroom, cubicle format building design, the focus of the sitting room, dining room has been gradually occupy bedroom adornment, and lighting choice pay more attention to design beautiful and harmony with the whole decoration. Droplight development present situation analysis, in recent years, a lot of people are beginning to appreciate the elegant european-style design lighting and equipment. Color has also become more diverse, has a red maple leaf, natural blue, coral, yellow, grass green color, etc. And luxury hotel, luxury hotels and other decorative lamps and lanterns is an increasingly luxurious. Wrought iron chandelier in style, wrought iron the popular trend of droplight is in restoring ancient ways and contracted in the two camps, but style is not the point, and the collocation of the bedroom environment is more important. Last year, all kinds of contracted lanterns popular in this year will still retain heat, but also simple and complex boundary will be more and more blurred. Droplight development present situation analysis, in 2008, joined the droplight with traditional Oriental element products will appear on the market, more like the traditional Chinese red, porcelain craft, classical Chinese style design to join or contracted style of lamp act the role ofing, all of these will become new popular element droplight. Products consumers of how many, how many decides the intention of the product system is the key to zhongshan lighting factory occupy the market. Zhongshan city lighting factory products include all kinds of high-grade contracted crystal droplight, postmodern lamp and industrial hemp rope contracted style droplight, etc. , suitable for household, hotels, clubs, shopping mall and all kinds of lighting decoration engineering use, but also to undertake various types of lighting decoration engineering.
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