Wrought iron chandelier is analysed in the special process - — Wrought iron

by:Rongde     2020-08-29
Now in the market sales, wrought iron chandelier, mostly adopts full lead, wrought iron. The content of lead oxide in more than 30% to ensure the transparency of wrought iron; Tell from the plane, rules, level off, smooth, angular plane is the guarantee of wrought iron refraction effect; In addition, wrought iron good no bubble, crack and impurities. Wrought iron chandelier, using a special process, the corrosion resistance is strong, and wrought iron chandelier design feeling is strong, also highlights the host's unique life taste. When the choose and buy, wrought iron chandelier needs to pay attention to the design, modelling, color, style of droplight coordinated with interior decoration style. , wrought iron of the classic, is that it withstand the test of time, but different users have different preferences, some people like the rococo style, some people prefer the baroque features, some like contracted some preference of heavy and complicated, which requires the designer and manufacturer, wrought iron to specific analysis of different dynamic requirements. Moreover with the development of the society and the change of The Times, people's values, aesthetic view will appear subtle change, there is a wrought iron design update problem, it's clearly a machine is difficult to adapt to mass production. Is different from the past, wrought iron, modern, wrought iron is as a kind of pure decoration into the household environment. Conversion from solid used decorative function, reflected the people's aesthetic values change, that is, from material values into a spiritual values, from traditional aesthetics to pluralistic aesthetic view. In addition to adhering to the traditional model, more giant art sculpture, sweet furniture supplies, subtle and even is a bookshelf, a candlelight, a casket jewel box, ubiquitous, wrought iron products, flashing everywhere in people's modern life. Wrought iron its unique temperament, modelling added infinite to modern fashion colors. Wrought iron in the process of handmade condensed the wisdom of the workers in the process of appreciation and injected the appreciation taste, this is a full representation of the wrought iron. In today's society, the rapid development of science and technology, we need more high level of spiritual culture to balance itself, to decorate itself contains the cultural connotation of demand is higher and higher. Wrought iron products, due to the particularity of its material and craft, determines its maintenance and maintenance also has a lot of special place. As an extension of the time river, long bei s give a thick cultural precipitation; Natural and perfect. Image solemn, solemn and line and composition is relatively simple and clear, the perfect combination of colour and lustre and style, the mystery, the verve of of primitive simplicity makes it more elegant of primitive simplicity. Rigid and cold vision, wrought iron into exquisite, romance and tenderness; Rich smell of showily and affinity, let a person feast for the eyes. Also need to use a touch to feel the unique culture.
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