Wrought iron chandelier is a has the artistic soul light

by:Rongde     2020-08-24
As people living conditions improve, the sitting room to use lighting requirements also is also high, especially for some resin lamp lights, these lights once aging due to material inferior, recoverable value is zero. And the good and bad are intermingled of market of crystalline light at present, many of them are glass, so is easy ageing. 'People tend to choose has long service life, and reflects life taste lightings. Zhongshan lamp, wrought iron chandelier is introduced about it. Wrought iron chandelier, each part is manual polishing, distinguished luxury, is the pursuit of high-end lamps and lanterns is essential to the quality of life of the customer, wrought iron chandelier is reveal life taste and different choice, each piece of copper lights through the design, material selection, furnace, molding, forming, repair welding, polishing, grinding, washing, dehydration, drying, passivation, colored seal oil. Through the size of working procedure, in order to cast a lamp with art of the soul. Marble droplight used, wrought iron, copper is one of the most stable metal, corrosion resistance is strong, the collection value, and adopted the marble do chimney, marble natural precipitation in one thousand material is qualitative, wear-resisting deformation, life of up to one hundred years, as the life expectancy of lighting products. It's already very long = sitting room lamp life.
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