Wrought iron chandelier installed in which position of the sitting room is better

by:Rongde     2020-08-22
In the modern style, or shape of the baroque style, we always will often see the figure of wrought iron chandelier, because, wrought iron chandelier, the sense that gives a person is noble and dream. So, wrought iron chandelier, the choose and buy should pay attention to what? Maintain compared to other lamps and lanterns, wrought iron chandelier, more afraid of collision and not exposed in damp environment for a long time, humid environment will rust or surface bubbles, when cleaning, wrought iron chandelier, so can wipe with dry cloth, generally good, wrought iron lamps will last longer, you just need to daily maintenance fee more state of mind. Now home to decorate, wrought iron chandelier position have enormous differences, a lot of people, struggle, do not know, wrought iron chandelier is from the top of the table is good, or in the center of the sitting room is good? Put on tea table, wrought iron chandelier, can form an echo in tea table, space will be better, will be more beautiful. If the home is compound floor, the headlight of the sitting room should be kept in the living room center, because this kind of larger long down droplight is installed in the center of the sitting room can high space to meet the demand of the lighting and decoration, it is also the center of the sitting room visual point. Wrought iron chandelier is from the top of the tea table is good or center of the sitting room? That there is no absolute answer, still basically see individual be fond of and home decoration design, if the sitting room do condole top, wrought iron chandelier is naturally choose to install in the center of the ceiling is better.
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