Wrought iron chandelier, how to maintain?

by:Rongde     2020-08-21
First, to keep the marble or marble ball were shining brilliantly, long need to avoid the damage to the wrought iron chandelier lampblack, inside the kitchen and table to be equipped with smoke lampblack machine. Second, marble lamp cleaning swab can choose one marble or marble ball method, such as feel trouble, can spray in wrought iron chandelier professional cleaners, detergents in the process of volatile can take away the dust on the marble ball or marble. It is important to note that the lamps and lanterns is best not to clean water, as long as can wipe with dry dishcloth touchs water. Third, moisture is the key to, wrought iron chandelier, maintenance, especially the lamps and lanterns of toilet, bathroom and kitchen stove headlights, all want to install the dampproof lampshades, in order to prevent moisture intrusion, avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit. Fourth, wrought iron chandelier in use after a period of time, chimney will increasingly dim due to soil, if not timely treatment, the brightness of the reduced about 20% a year on average. Therefore, regular cleaning and chimney and tubes or bulbs are particularly important. If discover have dark or light bulbs with black deposition on both ends of the tube, should be timely replacement. Lamps and lanterns of damp easily lead to rust, paint, will shorten the service life of lamps and lanterns. Note: in the clean up to shut off the power of the main gas valve, and then fold the lamps and lanterns, and put it into the water scrubbing, shining first. These simple 'maintain' 4 recruit don't need to painstakingly, need only six months to a year for maintenance. You know, wrought iron chandelier, life is very long, can be inherited. Of course must be really, wrought iron chandelier. Find really, wrought iron chandelier lighting.
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