Wrought iron chandelier, how be collectable?

by:Rongde     2020-08-16
1, distinguish, wrought iron, wrought iron chandelier, general component is the material of artificial, wrought iron and natural, wrought iron, but natural, wrought iron is scarce, so the price will be more expensive, coupled with the natural, wrought iron in the process of natural formation, prone to natural flaws, and so on the market, wrought iron lamp is artificial, wrought iron more, if the sales staff with pure natural, wrought iron chandelier price, you need to pay more attention to cough up 2, though, to distinguish the artificial, wrought iron is artificial, wrought iron, but will still have certain difference, professional perspective when the proportion of glass containing alumina reached more than 24% through and reached 1. 545 can be called, wrought iron lamp. , wrought iron can be observed when the choose and buy of transparency or view data to prove whether reach, see if there are air bubbles and a way to determine good or bad process 3, pay attention to household space height in general droplight of installation for the height are required, the height is not enough, droplight of the effect is not very ideal, the ideal height is at the bottom of the chandelier installation is complete with 2 meters of space, can be reduced to 1 if you are in a restaurant. 8 m. So the choose and buy when droplight to compute the relationship between the height and the height of the chandelier 4, pay attention to details, wrought iron chandelier determine the materials and specifications and correct after the next is to choose style, style focused on stents when choosing material, PVC material support good-looking but not durable, reaction material easy to pale yellow, so we suggest gold-plated metal stents, wrought iron lamp, beautiful, durable, safe and a period of time to keep color 5, wrought iron chandelier in comparison with the maintenance of maintenance issues, wrought iron chandelier other lamps and lanterns, the more afraid of collision and not exposed in damp environment for a long time, humid environment will rust or surface bubbles, when cleaning, wrought iron chandelier, so can wipe with dry cloth, generally good, wrought iron lamps will last longer, you just need to daily maintenance fee more state of mind
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