Wrought iron chandelier good choice not only can decorate a bedroom, also can become a valuable collectibles!

by:Rongde     2020-08-26
, wrought iron chandelier, modern style decoration features: by curves and asymmetric lines, such as pedicel, bud, vines, insect wings and nature all sorts of beautiful, undulating form design, etc. , and embodied in walls, railings, window lattice, and furniture and other decorations. Line soft elegant, elegant and full of rhythm. The entire three-dimensional forms and methodically and rhythmic curve. Extensive use of iron components, new technology, such as glass, ceramic tile, and wrought iron products, ceramic products, such as comprehensive applied to indoor. Give a person the sense is simple and the atmosphere, thus manifests the contracted and not simple. , wrought iron chandelier, general component is the material of artificial, wrought iron and natural, wrought iron, but natural, wrought iron is scarce, so the price will be more expensive, coupled with the natural, wrought iron in the process of natural formation, easy to have natural flaws, so in the market, wrought iron lamp is artificial, wrought iron more, if the sales staff with pure natural, wrought iron chandelier price, you need to pay more attention to cough up, wrought iron chandelier style of design, modelling, colour, coordinated with interior decoration style, luxury, decorate a style of heavy and complicated application complex modelling, colour is gorgeous, wrought iron chandelier; And contracted style decorates a style is more suitable for modelling is simple, the color pure, wrought iron chandelier. Wrought iron chandelier installation for the height are required, the height is not enough, droplight of the effect is not very ideal, the ideal is the height of the chandelier installation is complete when there were 2 meters below the space, can be reduced to 1 if you are in a restaurant. 8 m. So in the choose and buy when droplight to compute the relationship between the height and the height of the chandelier. According to the requirements of the lighting area, to lighting, etc to choose suitable number of wrought iron chandelier lamp holder, in general, the droplight with lamp holder number for large area space decoration and lighting; Lamp holder and a small number of droplight is suitable for decoration and lighting for small area of space, but in the lamp holder on the choice of the number, with appropriate lighting is given priority to, does not cause too much indoor light pollution, also cannot too little and cause indoor lights and cause depression. After determine the specifications of the lamps and lanterns, can begin to choose the style, when choosing, wrought iron chandelier style before, it's best to see what was the stent materials, wrought iron on the market at present the design of lamps and lanterns with gold plated metal stents, PVC, acrylic and glass holder is tie-in, wrought iron pendants, although PVC material support can make the wrought iron lamp appears more bright, but may have insufficient strength or easy to damage. Acrylic stand a long pale yellow easily. Chrome plated metal stents easy oxidation discoloration, so nine is home JuWang suggest you try to choose gold plated metal stents, wrought iron lamp, it can not only ensure overall, wrought iron lamp, bright luster, but use after period of time can still keep droplight does not change color, do not fade. The lamps and lanterns in the home, really is the last step to make the finishing point, so buy not only want to consider the effect of light after, such as the lamp doesn't light up, is also part of the space, a molecule, is the home of elements, although is the last item on the buy, but also must stick to it.
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