Wrought iron chandelier brings home outfit is not the same feeling

by:Rongde     2020-08-22
Actually decorate choose will choose, wrought iron chandelier lamp, wrought iron chandelier gives person's feeling is the joker, not too easy, also won't too costly and grandiose. Lamp sitting room, bedroom lamp, corridor lamp, can have its shadow everywhere. Modelling is rich, different material, wrought iron chandelier can always have a different taste. Wrought iron chandelier, derived from the European court, its unique temperament is the everlasting romantic feelings, sending out the classical nostalgia, deliberately do old effect, instead, let a person produce infinite daydream. Bright moment, the infinite light sprinkling down, sweet and romantic. The use of droplight, commonly used in the sitting room, bedroom, restaurant and hotel lobby, both style and figure are very many, for the resin, wrought iron chandelier, it USES is iron art, the development of the technology in our country is very long, as a traditional, wrought iron is generally be used for construction, home and garden decoration, with the change of the technology, iron art in the use of lighting lamps and lanterns is now more and more widely, not only safe and firm, and adornment effect is good, for home decoration, is a relatively good choice. Resin, wrought iron chandelier price: based on the price of this problem, in fact, small make up also is bad to say, because there are many factors influencing the price movements of, such as brand, style, size, etc. , and resin, wrought iron chandelier, type, style and lamp holder and the specification is also very much, in terms of price is also different, according to the small make up the recent understanding of the market, here introduce a few common products, such as European three head droplight price in almost 450 yuan, and six European head droplight price in 670 yuan, almost eight European head droplight price almost in 800 yuan, and so on. Wrought iron lamp for price relative to the whole copper lamp to be cheaper. Wrought iron lamp due to its material characteristics, high plasticity, modelling is more easy. But at the same time because of the iron contact with air is easy to produce chemical reaction, appear rusty phenomenon, make the wrought iron lamp, lamp life cycle is shorter. Ou shi, wrought iron chandelier on the market is also more common, the style is unique, elegant and lower cost, cost-effective and high price, while European wrought iron chandelier, because of the material is iron, easy to rub off or rust, limited service life.
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