Wrought iron chandelier, both in shape or material is impressive, you're worth it

by:Rongde     2020-08-12
Sitting room, wrought iron chandelier, both in shape or material is impressive, and eternal theme, in the design of metal appears to be constantly on the structure, technology play out. Now focus for hotel rooms, bars, halls and restaurants to provide design services, with luxuriant adornment, strong colors, beautiful modelling reach elegant adornment effect, european-style lamp pay attention to the curve shape and colour and lustre is gorgeous. Compared with the classical european-style lamp, lamp American doesn't seem to have too big difference, its material is consistent, American lamp still pay attention to the classic feelings, just on the style and shape is relatively simple, concise and easy appearance, pay more attention to the leisure and comfort. Its material like european-style lights, give priority to with resin and wrought iron. If American, wrought iron chandelier lamp holder is electroplating, plating lamps and lanterns of rust from substrate start to rust, first can see rust with toothpaste, etc. There are some friction without corrosive material composition carefully wipe purify slight rust. Once corroded seriously, the plating is a flaky peeling, matrix is corroded seriously, this is not a good way, namely the polished off and soon will rust is more serious. In American, wrought iron chandelier cleaning time don't use soap and water. Scrubbing with soap and water, wrought iron pendant will damage wrought iron furniture surface protection layer, is the coating of the above ( Plating) , which can lead to rust, wrought iron furniture. For the droplight with qualitative material of other, wrought iron chandelier cleaning difficulty is low. In addition to the dust, wrought iron chandelier generally not defiled with other dirty things, and wrought iron chandelier dust as long as can wipe gently with wet cloth to wipe clean. Some lights will rust, black paint intentionally create a mottled effect, such as the pursuit of imitation of the old feeling. Look from the material, european-style lamp is given priority to with resin and wrought iron. The resin lamp modelling more, but have a variety of patterns, gold-plated silver foil color is beautiful, bright color; , wrought iron etc, modelling is relatively simple, but have qualitative feeling more.
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