With the kitchen, wrought iron chandelier, whether want to match?

by:Rongde     2020-08-17
Wrought iron chandelier colors to see your own style, such as home is northern wind, that you choose a few colors mean, second di now? So combining with the style of his own house. In addition, if it is our common home, do not recommend using too glaring color, after all, home is the place that rest, too, will regret it later. It's like a lot of people choose metope color to decorate, feel beautiful, green good and pure and fresh, but finally he still chose the white. Decorate the sitting room lamps in wrought iron chandelier or absorb dome light is good, whether to matching with the kitchen? In general, the sitting room with the method of combination of overall and local lighting to meet the requirements of the sitting room lights, when choosing lamps and lanterns, according to height and area of the sitting room is different, is to choose, wrought iron chandelier, or choose to absorb dome light? One: general lighting: the sitting room lamps and lanterns of sitting room lamps and lanterns of the overall lighting you can use the dome light, usually in a room with a light sheet or more as main body lamp, wrought iron chandelier, create sedate and easy, warm warm environment, make the guest feel at home. Dome light to choose according to the area and the height of the sitting room, if the sitting room is tall and big, choose good, wrought iron chandelier. Wrought iron chandelier, can be in accordance with the master age, culture, interest, and view of degree of comfort and warmth and standards, as well as the demand for light style and choice. If it is a small area of the sitting room and bedroom is irregular shape, height is low, so had better choose to absorb dome light. 2: sitting room lamps and lanterns of local lighting local lighting in the floor lamp, wall lamp, etc to achieve the result of using and ornament. Watching television or reading a book, not suitable for light too bright, but not too dark. At this point, the high floor lamp is the better choice. Floor lamp is high not only modelling is novel and unique, and practical. Mainly is to create a suitable atmosphere of reading or watching TV. After sofa banners hung on the wall of the calligraphy and painting, but in the calligraphy and painting on both sides of the two size suitable bracket light; sofa edge can place a floor lamp. The lamps and lanterns of this device is sedate and easy, and can choose according to the needs of different light sources. Some part of the sitting room has both the function of the restaurant, at this point, the area in the restaurant will need to install lamps and lanterns is not the same. The best the brighter lamps and lanterns of the restaurant, but not dazzling. In addition, other area sitting room, also can be installed in a practical situation of different lamps and lanterns.
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