Why many after 90 new Chinese style style is like?

by:Rongde     2021-01-24
In the home we enjoyed the beauty of the new Chinese style, but also affected more after 90, make more and more are obsessed with textual research after 90. In fact, the new Chinese style style is a very special decoration style, its requirements on lighting is higher, want to use light concise in form, why many after 90 new Chinese style style is like? Lamp act the role ofing the author sums up the causes the following 3 points. A, the new Chinese style 'new & throughout; Compared with old people like the traditional Chinese style thick, the decorative pattern of heavy and complicated, heavy mahogany furniture and slightly grandiose adornment, have let young people off. The new Chinese style on the basis of Chinese style style, new elements into the more modern, would be tedious to concise, and do not break the charm of traditional Chinese style, to restore ancient ways also became fashionable. Second, the new Chinese style 'elegant & throughout; New Chinese style style is different from Chinese style, and in its decorations, though similar to Chinese style style, but will be more favor ornaments with Chinese cultural characteristics, such as ink painting, wood carving, jade carving, etc. Although without the thick inside information of Chinese style style, combined with modern style improved antique decoration, more can reflect the charm of the new Chinese style style. Three, the new Chinese style 'color & throughout; Traditional Chinese color usually is given priority to with brunet department, and some new Chinese style is a little bit clever, coffee color, apricot color of this kind of light color attune is overweight. But, after all, still have a kind of 'antique & throughout; The taste, but this style of decoration, there is a 'common fault & throughout; If artificial lighting no deployment good, easy to make the space appears some dark and old. We all his life, to do the common things good we, with the same spirit of craftsmen opened new journey - - - - - Lighting more lighting design can directly to lamp act the role ofing exhibition site to choose, welcome the arrival of a friend
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