Why can choose according to crystalline light chassis can hotel crystal lamp?

by:Rongde     2020-07-29
How should we choose good quality and nice hotel crystal lamp? Zhongshan lamps factory to tell everyone we can first take a look at the hotel crystal lamp chassis, why can choose according to crystalline light chassis can crystal lamp, some common hotel crystal lamp custom chassis material is wood plate, iron and stainless steel. Wooden plate is more bad of the material. Followed by the iron plate, it is very good when the number of stainless steel. But, also has the thickness, among this wooden plate is very thick, it is suppressed by wood plane, it is difficult to sales in high humidity in the city. Otherwise the after-sale is also a very big problem, so I as far as possible or to select other materials as chassis, with invisible to the naked eye, so big is good, is bad. With iron and stainless steel chassis, then see the thickness, thickness, of course, the better the quality, the greater the bearing capacity.

iron chassis, divided into painting iron plate, iron plate, plating iron plate three types of the lacquer that bake, lamps and lanterns is generally used in low pressure, flat-panel lamps and lanterns, modern lamps and lanterns, widely used, a large number of use. Surface and a layer of stainless steel, it is only with the chassis increase with the increase of the resistance; Baking plate, generally for some high-tech modern crystal lamp, using surface is small, but the cost is high, especially strict with baking paint process; Iron plating, commonly used in traditional crystal light, larger crystal light, non-standard crystal light. Use range is very wide, but iron plate after forming, need polishing and electroplating.

this is why can choose according to crystalline light chassis can hotel crystalline light is introduced, want to learn more about hotel crystal lamp custom relevant information, you can visit website contact us, contact phone number:
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