What kind of lamps and lanterns to absorb dome light, wrought iron chandelier, suitable for installation in the home?

by:Rongde     2020-07-31
Aging faster for ultra-thin plastic absorb dome light, because plastic heat will change. Did not say which good, wrought iron chandelier and ultra-thin absorb dome light, zhongshan city lighting factory warm prompt: it depends on the decoration style, the height and the wall color. Thin absorb dome light, probably meet Yu Xinzhai, to the place of the bedroom, cooking, toilet, etc. Meters such as floors, wall color apple green, light blue, can adopt absorb dome light, wrought iron chandelier, make the light clear wide, a sense of noisy, luxury; The height under 3 meters, milk yellow or white walls, should adopt ultra-thin absorb dome light, broad experience in order to improve the rooms. New home is installed, wrought iron chandelier or absorb dome light, thin, shall, in accordance with the width of the room, my family and we love to buy, my hobby is good. The same with other lamps and lanterns, in the production of thin absorb dome light materials, plastic, glass, metal, ceramics, etc. Some pottery and porcelain, glass fixed number of year is longer, it is difficult to aging, and especially fashionable decent. And light metal facilities, such as screws, etc. , will be slow oxidation, using the hour in about five years. Wrought iron chandelier meet Yu Xinzhai. Wrought iron chandelier style, often with a high-end fashion candlestick, wrought iron, new Chinese style, wrought iron chandelier, crystal droplight, wrought iron chandelier, etc. Used for house points single head, wrought iron chandelier, and many, wrought iron chandelier two, before a more used as a bedroom, restaurant; The latter should be installed in a new home. Ultra-thin absorb dome light because of the above lamps and lanterns is flat, can come when installation and reliable to the name in the roof. As skills grow, ultra-thin dome light conversion also with each passing day, no longer limited to a single lamp, and a variety of growth to, not only learned the pendant lamp factory, wrought iron chandelier, luxury and style, and use of ultra-thin absorb dome light installation path, avoiding the shorter room don't fit the malpractice of the standard luxury lighting. Because of the location of the new home is greeting guests, be sure to decorate the beautiful. When installation, must attach importance to the new home, wrought iron chandelier, low ground apart is not less than 3. 2 meters, the hotel, wrought iron chandelier installation width, also cannot too low, too low case will appear very crowded, also will show an oppressive feeling.
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