What kind of hotel lamps and lanterns is how to use different

by:Rongde     2020-07-21
Hotel has been engaged in this industry of lamps and lanterns were the most attention, because the light effect on the environment is very important, especially at night. Good lighting effects, can greatly improve the grade of the club, also to provide guests with high comfort. Now, many club house is decorated like the crystal lamp. However, when the choose and buy, we need to master some necessary skills.

first, before the choose and buy, we must pay attention to the size, what kind of space is to choose what size of club lamps and lanterns. In general, in 20 or 30 square meters of space the crystalline light of appropriate choice in about one meter in diameter, the size can ensure the space within the light bright enough. In addition, can also according to the club room set type to choose and buy. Main romantic style of the room, for example, can choose those glamorous, warm color series of crystalline light.

second, want to buy crystal lamp must carefully choose brand, it has the choice to good brands, to as hotel lamps and lanterns. On the market of this kind of lamps and lanterns is in commonly one thousand yuan of above, never to penny cheap to buy those hundreds of pieces, the quality is often didn't guarantee. If you want to look for the famous brand products, then when the choose and buy, should pay special attention to the lamp bead.

in the end, buy before also to pay attention to the problem of the color of lamps and lanterns. In the market for this kind of lamps and lanterns of class and a lot of different grade of service life is different also, of course. Generally use the lamps and lanterns of electric plating, surface colour and lustre is very good, the service life of this type is also very long, very suitable for hotel, the adoption of the lamps and lanterns.
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