What is the distinguishing feature of traditional Chinese style droplight?

by:Rongde     2021-01-24
Droplight is common in contemporary household decorative lighting products, also have a style of Chinese style lamps and lanterns, droplight is one of them, Chinese style droplight is commonly of tie-in Chinese style decorates installation, its adornment effect is particularly good, the traditional Chinese style droplight has the characteristics of what? Below and understand with the author of lamp act the role ofing: 1, pay attention to symmetry in China's traditional culture, architecture design painting, seals are cultured is symmetry, and Chinese style droplight is not exceptional also, Chinese style droplight is symmetrical pattern, such as round, square and polygon Chinese style droplight with the centerline of symmetry, elegance to create a balance of harmonious beauty. 2, USES wood fixtures are: Chinese style lamps and lanterns USES mostly hollow out or wood carving as a lamp, match again with marble, glass, sheepskin, cloth material, such as wood for Chinese style droplight gives a person a kind of of primitive simplicity quiet beauty plus with carving, Chinese style droplight aesthetic feeling but also to the next level, we can also outside of marble, glass, sheepskin, cloth art sculpture on some traditional elements to increase the classic beauty of lamps and lanterns. 3, use warm color light: Chinese style pendant lamp light is downy light warm color department, under the light of this Chinese style droplight can build give a kind of like a hazy feeling, for give a person a kind of graceful and restrained beauty. 4, into the rich traditional elements, Chinese style droplight will embed some traditional Chinese elements on the top of the chandelier, the traditional Chinese elements are added the beauty of classical Chinese style pendant lamp, ceramic plum, embroidery, and the traditional Chinese ink painting will appear on the Chinese style droplight, some poems and couplets will appear in the traditional Chinese style droplight, which gives a person the sense with a kind of infinite charm. We all his life, to do the common things good we, with the same spirit of craftsmen opened new journey - - - - - Lighting more lighting design can directly to lamp act the role ofing exhibition site to choose, welcome the arrival of a friend
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