What is the distinguishing feature of the style of the sitting room chandelier

by:Rongde     2020-08-05
A lamp is a piece of scenery, creative, reveal personality and rich design feeling, all of these advantages the droplight with, full-bodied Nordic amorous feelings, let the house is full of artistic breath. Give a person a kind of unique intimacy, details, manual carve patterns or designs on woodwork restoring ancient ways more added a sense of beauty. Droplight is lifting on the ceiling of the indoor decoration lighting. Droplight either by wire or iron hanging, cannot too short, blocking the line of sight of normal or makes a person feel dazzling. The droplight of dining room, for example, the height of the ideal is to form a pool of light on the table, but does not obstruct the line of sight of each other at all on the table. Current chandelier hanging cigarettes has been shipped on spring or height adjuster, suitable for different height of the bottom and need. The style of droplight directly affects the characteristics of the style of whole sitting room droplight is remarkable, therefore the style of droplight directly affect the style of whole sitting room. With metal decoration, glass decoration, the droplight of Europe land amorous feelings of grandeur wooden Chinese palace lantern type lamps and lanterns is rich ethnic flavor, with Japan in a different color the glass in the synthesis of droplight is beautiful and easy, bead curtain lamps and lanterns give a person the sense with excitement, dazzling, magnificent, and to float soft cloth, made from silk chimney droplight soft beautiful pleasant warmth. Shape and grade of the choice decorates sitting room lamps and lanterns should consider and sitting room atmosphere of harmony, and strive for elegance and luxury. The sitting room is the appearance of the family, lamp act the role ofing is too ordinary may fail to offer you the adornment of the emotional appeal and a little bit shabby, too luxury is likely to make the visiting people have too much psychological pressure, put don't open hands. Sitting room adornment lamps and lanterns of choose and buy method is pointed out that in terms of shape and grade of the sitting room lighting main body not only can't be too dark, also can not dazzling and dazzling, when less people sitting room, can turn off the main light, in addition to open a wall lamp. Local lighting can use the floor lamp, wall lamp, use and ornament effect can meet the corresponding requirements. General illume of the sitting room adornment lamps and lanterns of choose and buy method can be used for general lighting dome light, usually in the middle of the house to a single head or multi-head chandeliers as the main body lamp, sitting room adornment lamps and lanterns can create a sedate and easy, warm warm atmosphere, let a guest have to return to their home feeling of apt. If used to activists in the sitting room, sitting room space floor lamp, desk lamp is with adornment is given priority to, the functional design is complementary. Floor lamp, desk lamp is collocation of each space of the auxiliary light source, in order to facilitate and space harmonious collocation, modelling is too strange lamps and lanterns is not appropriate, if the room is higher, should use a fork to five fork incandescent pendent lamp, or a large round droplight, can make the sitting room appears so gorgeous. But unfavorable the droplight with all down light distribution, and should make the upper space also has a certain brightness, with narrow fluctuation space brightness difference.
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