What is the copper solder glass lamp?

by:Rongde     2020-09-24
The copper solder glass lamp, English name: 'bound galss lamp' as the name implies for bending glass lamps. In material: all the copper solder glass lamp with glass as the main material is copper, domestic mainstream technology should be the copper sheet with mechanical processing into a groove, and then used to make a good copper tank cover the prepared various shapes of glass, followed by soldering processing procedures, technical personnel ferrochrome with fire or red with tin soldering iron to burn, the copper mine, a bag of glass parts together, eventually forming the shape of different lamps and lanterns. So the image of the call it copper solder glass lamp ( Or directly call soldering lamp) 。 To note here with full copper lamp, the difference between the two can't confuse STH with STH else.
the start originated in North America, it is in North America and Europe in the 19th century architecture developed on the basis of a lamp. After introduced by Taiwanese on the mainland. As China's reform and opening up, it was known by people gradually. All copper solder glass lamp in China has experienced 20 years of development, from the beginning of a simple imitation of European and American style, to the present self innovation, Chinese traditional elements. Spawned such as classical Chinese style lamp, european-style crystalline light and other high-end lamps and lanterns. Its representative meaning is composed of a single style lamp, the past species evolved into a common process of fabrication of lamps and lanterns.
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