What are you clear chandelier factory droplight with absorb dome light difference

by:Rongde     2020-07-30
Droplight is applicable to the room. The fancy of droplight, more popular with simple high-end candlestick droplight, new Chinese style, jade pendant lamp droplight, etc. With the other lamps and lanterns again, make a lot of materials, modern lamps and lanterns, plastic, metal, metal, ceramics, etc. Use in the bedroom of single head droplight and many droplight of two, the multi-purpose in the bedroom, in front of the restaurant; The latter should be installed in the house. Modern lamps and lanterns for the lamps and lanterns is relatively flat above, when placed behind can stick on top of the house and get name. Ceramics, metal fixed number of year of the long, difficult to degradation, moreover quite trendy atmosphere. And lights on the metal parts, such as parts, etc. , will be idle slow decay, basically use time in five years. Degraded faster to modern lamps and lanterns, plastic due to plastic deformation when they are heated. The droplight in place, want to look out for is the gap between low ground may not be less than 3. 2 meters, find a place for restaurant chandelier height also can not too low, too low will become less crowded, will also show a suppression induction. Because the house is a place where guests, one must be modified to depict. Skills to grow over the years, the change of modern lamps and lanterns is improving little by little every day, no longer limited to a single lamp, and a variety of growth, to learn from both the droplight of luxury and fashion, and using the modern lamps and lanterns of path, avoid the shorter room can not standardize the blemishes of luxurious lamps and lanterns. Didn't say droplight and modern lamps and lanterns of lamps factory which one is good, it must be modified character, the height and the wall color. Basically, modern lamps and lanterns is suitable for the room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, etc. Such as the height meters above, wall color apple green, blue, can adopt absorb dome light, droplight that light shines the vast, has the feeling of noisy, magnificent; The height under 3 meters, milk yellow or white metope, should adopt modern lamps and lanterns, broad induction in order to improve the rooms. Be install droplight or modern lamps and lanterns in the house, be the height of the rooms in my house, and individual be fond of choose and buy, my favorite is good.
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