What are the types of lights inside lamps factory

by:Rongde     2020-08-21
Restaurant droplight of material, color and shape must be coordinated with furniture and overall space design. With pure glass and concise lines of modern dining table with glass and stainless steel chandelier very match. Pendant lamp factory, for example, with the glass and the cylindrical color crystal chandelier is decorated with pink, peak green and blue three color crystal lake. Small lights, hidden in the crystal, like three cups of mixed juice magically suspended in the air. Droplight factory if you feel this three small droplight not enough air, very like the big snow big droplight is inlaid with a layer of plastic material, is full of charm. Some chandeliers are made in the form of a bell drum, in the form of five or six column connection, drum body can rotate 360 degrees. This design meets the requirements of any dimmer. Has the moon ship, lilies, crystal hydrangea and inverted cup shaped glass chandelier. If it is wood or marble table, you can choose the parchment, artificial marble or wooden frosted glass chandelier. The iron chandelier lighting factory, zhongshan city, is not only suitable for European style decoration, as long as the lighting style to match with house interior decoration style. Decorate a room in Europe already has for many years, but doesn't seem to be so popular in China. Until the past few years, rural rural style prevalent in the interior decoration industry to make iron chandelier ( Only meet the individual needs a small amount of) Become the latest must-haves in the lighting market. Therefore, the rural idyll style adornment also can install droplight of iron.
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