What are the precautions for purchase, wrought iron chandelier, A)

by:Rongde     2020-08-18
1, will differentiate man-made, wrought iron and natural, wrought iron: most of the for sale on the market at present, wrought iron chandelier, wrought iron, namely artificial made of wrought iron, expert introduction, due to natural, wrought iron often contain natural flaws, such as horizontal stripes, floc and resources are limited and expensive, so the market sales, wrought iron lamp are produced by using artificial, wrought iron or wrought iron, so when the sales staff to introduce, wrought iron lamp to you, your in the mind to understand what is natural, wrought iron or artificial, wrought iron, and if you have sales staff to pure natural, wrought iron chandelier price, that you have to long a mind's eye. 2, pay attention to the difference of artificial, wrought iron chandelier: although with is artificial, wrought iron, but the quality of different artificial, wrought iron grade and is not the same, because the value of wrought iron lamp is largely determined by the iron, so you need to focus on the quality, wrought iron. Expert introduction, when the proportion of lead oxide containing glass reached more than 24%, refraction degree reaches 1. 545, you can call it, wrought iron lamp. Now in the market sales, wrought iron chandelier, mostly adopts full lead, wrought iron. The content of lead oxide in more than 30% to ensure the transparency of wrought iron; Tell from the plane, rules, level off, smooth, angular plane is the guarantee of wrought iron refraction effect; In addition, wrought iron best no bubble, crack and impurities. Accordingly, consumer is when the choose and buy from above several aspects, and observe the transparency of wrought iron or view data on lead content; Touch the plane surface and section of edges and corners; View the presence of impurities such as bubbles, etc.
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