What are creative lighting materials

by:Rongde     2020-08-05
The light is a great invention of human conquest of the dark night, have a beacon, let's break the dark night. Modern lighting, is used for lighting, a beautiful light of lamp act the role ofing, evening can through the light levels build romantic atmosphere. When the night comes, soft light emitting light by make whole room is immersed in a kind of emotional appeal that dream, the modelling of delicate and gentle light collocation are together more romantic. All kinds of lights in different space presents different light color, dreaming and infatuated. Creative lighting material has a lot of kinds, iron, wood, bone, knee, glass, crystal, paper making, copper, PVC and so on. When choosing lamps and lanterns should consider the style of the room is tie-in, choose the material as well as and the adornment style of whole room in harmony and unity. Paper plasticity is very strong, when the meet with light, a gleaming appear a beauty. The many ways of paper lantern of implementation, paper cutting, paper folding, collage, etc. , any way you can think of can be grafted onto the paper the design of the lamp. Wool not only can be used to knit a sweater, but also can be applied to all kinds of home design, such as lamps and lanterns. Whether droplight, desk lamp, floor lamp, can rely on wool texture, color and become unusually warm. Concrete coarse, cold gray, rigid impression to the person, it means that do not conform, means that the element face, straightforward and easy, not everyone can accept its beauty, but in recent years in domestic outfit sadly arisen. If you haven't wantonly decorate space, be prepared to concrete as a concrete light from beginning. Glass is one of the people daily life common material, first appeared in 3700 BC in ancient Egypt, when people started to take glass manufacturing some simple and colored glass balls. In BC 1000 years, China produced colorless glass. Glass products the sense that gives a person is to do with the material of a kind of pure contracted but not simple products, lamps and lanterns. Log as a kind of traditional material, gives people a warm feeling. Each piece of wood has its own texture characteristics, making each piece of wood is unique. A log light for space create bright and warm, pure and fresh quietly elegant natural amorous feelings. Metal material is common in the design of lamps and lanterns, love by many, wrought iron chandelier designer. The lamps and lanterns is smooth and shiny metal texture and a clean line is also for the modern household space fuelled unexpected charm.
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