Wave window full copper chandelier skills of choose and buy

by:Rongde     2020-09-03
Now many people will have large Windows in the home, usually at the top of the floating window to install the copper small suction or small all copper chandelier. Wave window small make up today and you about all the choose and buy of copper chandelier skills.

1. Check all copper chandelier color and shape

see if there are black, all copper chandelier surface rust, scratches, dirt and other bad phenomenon; The whole lamp on collocation have off color; Metal parts without deformation; Check whether there is spot welding touch point is too large, the phenomenon such as desoldering.

2. Check all copper chandelier appliances part

check copper chandelier power supply section: whether the wire damage; Lamp holder whether deformation, rupture, missing Angle; Whether the lamp holder tongue askew, loose; Whether is negative; The multimeter ( Check can guide) And high pressure tester ( General high pressure for: 2 u1000, check the leakage and short circuit) , grounding resistance tester, Resistance is greater than the specified value) Such as the examination of the deeper.

3. Check all copper chandelier glass

glass from the specifications, general appearance, smooth degree, weight four aspects to test. Impurities are not allowed to be contained within the glass, the surface can not have dirt, black spots; In addition, the glass is smooth, not in front, the rough phenomenon.

window full copper chandelier SD04108 - 03

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