Villa whole copper lamp category is introduced

by:Rongde     2020-09-05
Villa whole copper lamp contains a variety of all kinds of lamps and lanterns, can be classified according to the use of space, material classification, function classification, style classification, different categories of the copper light effect is not the same, with small below to learn one by one.

according to use space villa whole copper lamp according to the use of space is divided into:
1. The sitting room is full of copper lamp, often use gorgeous atmosphere full of copper chandelier or half dome light to create a sitting room atmosphere of leisure activities.
2. Bedroom whole copper lamp, contains a bedroom chandeliers, wall lamp of the head of a bed, desk lamp, etc. , is generally used to create a quiet and comfortable sleep environment.
3. Dining-room whole copper lamp, mainly used for table at the top of the lighting, but also play a decorative role.
4. Porch all copper lamp, basic is the lighting used in the hall.

according to the material:
villas full copper lamp according to the material can be divided into: full copper crystal lamp, full copper marble lamp, full copper cloth art lamp, full copper glass lamp. According to the villa decorates a style, individual be fond of free choice.

according to the function:
different villas full copper lamp function also is not the same, mainly divides into: full copper chandelier, full copper dome light, full copper half dome light, full copper floor lamp wall lamp, full of copper, copper lamps, all the bronze mirror headlights.

according to style:
villas full copper lamp according to the style is divided into: European full copper lamp, American full copper lamp, Chinese style full copper lamp, etc.

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