Understand absorb dome light, wrought iron chandelier and thin with the characteristics of the two lamps and lanterns

by:Rongde     2020-07-31
With skills grow, led to absorb dome light changes with each passing day, no longer limited to a single lamp, and a variety of growth to, already learned, wrought iron chandelier, luxury and style, and use the led dome light setting channel, reduce the shorter house unfavorable loading specification luxurious lamps and lanterns. Because of the sitting room is the place where the greetings, to act the role ofing is tasted good. In time, want to know is the sitting room, wrought iron chandelier, low distance should not be less than 3 on the ground. 2 meters, wrought iron chandelier determined width is also can not too low, too low will be become very block, will also show an oppressive feeling. Wrought iron chandelier is suitable for the sitting room. Wrought iron chandelier of design and color is more, the commonly used a high-end fashion candlestick, wrought iron chandelier, new Chinese style, wrought iron chandelier, jade, wrought iron chandelier, and so on. Used in the room of single head, wrought iron chandelier and long, wrought iron chandelier two kinds, the former used in house, hotel; The latter should be installed in the living room. Above led to absorb dome light for lamps and lanterns is flat, with timing can safely trust to the roof behind the name. The sitting room is installed, wrought iron chandelier or led to absorb dome light, should be compared to the width of a room of his own house, and we love, oneself be fond of is good. With the other lamps and lanterns again, making led to absorb dome light, material, plastic, metal, metal, ceramics, etc. Of ceramic and metal for a long time, it is difficult to aging, also particularly easy and decent. And light metal facilities, such as spare parts, will be delayed slow oxidation, using time in almost five years. Aging speed is very fast to plastic led to absorb dome light, because the plastic is heated to change. Said no lamps factory, wrought iron chandelier, and led to absorb dome light which is good, if the modified character, the height of the floor and wall color customization. About the same, led to absorb dome light is suitable for the sitting room, a house, the place such as kitchen, toilet. Such as the height of the floor meters, wall color wilderness green, shallow blue, can take the incandescent lamp, wrought iron chandelier, the luster bright, open a sense of noisy and colorful; The height of the floor under 3 meters, milk yellow or white walls, led to absorb dome light, should be taken to increase the banqueting hall broad experience.
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