Traditional and modern crystal lamp crystal lamp which is your choice?

by:Rongde     2020-07-22
Traditional and modern crystal lamp crystalline light two kinds, thought that the idea of personal, if my home decorate a house, the house decorate a style as a whole is favoured contracted style, but is contracted and fashionable elegant feeling, so I choose the lamps and lanterns of style is the style of modern crystal lamp.

crystalline light elegant atmosphere created by let people like, in the modern household is decorated in, crystal lamp can give a person leave deep impression. Along with the development of technology and science and technology, the crystal lamp crystal lamp development from tradition to modern crystal lamp, what's the difference between these two kinds of crystalline light? Zhongshan lamps factory to share with everybody.
crystal lamp, according to the modelling of lamps and lanterns and installation method is often used in the crystalline light can be divided into crystal droplight of the ceiling, crystal absorb dome light, etc. Different modelling of crystalline light atmosphere is created by different, such as in restaurants, is appropriate choice restaurant crystal droplight, let the lamps and lanterns is more close to the table.
the difference between the traditional crystal absorb dome light and modern crystal absorb dome light. Traditional crystalline light: light source selection on

, mainly incandescent lamp is given priority to, the crystal as adornment, can display the most exaggerated the dreamy sense of crystalline light. The crystal quality is generally high, often used in the place such as hotel, the lobby, when household is decorated is less used. Because people now buy less, less manufacturer of traditional crystalline light now, if need to customize. Crystal lamp custom manufacturer is looking for zhongshan lamps factory lighting. Modern crystal lamp, is now more common on the market of lamps and lanterns, on the choice of light source, the use of LED, such as more more energy conservation and environmental protection, in line with the concept of modern life, more and more popular. And can let crystalline light by light show rich colour effect, some still can adjust the brightness of the light. But compared with the traditional crystal lamp, LED, etc. , because of the light source is used not incandescent bulbs, so you can't let the crystalline light there is a feeling of refraction of flashing. On the market a lot of LED crystal light in the crystal with glass instead of more, though the cost reduction can let more people to buy, but it has also lost the meaning of crystalline light.

usually we would think that crystalline light need to carry a large space, the sitting room, bedroom area is lesser, such as family, want to install crystal lamp is a regret. Actually this kind of situation can choose crystal lamp, the suction a top than crystal droplight takes up the space is little, to show more crystal of romantic and noble.
either traditional or modern crystal lamp, crystalline light when decorate can appropriate use of the characteristics of the crystal and lighting to match, lets the home become distinctive and very elegant. And different space, of crystalline light don't feel the same, can match with interest to try.

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