To understand the chandelier factory crystal droplight refraction into five colour light

by:Rongde     2020-08-01
Crystal chandelier is a common decorative lighting, because it is usually hung from the ceiling, it is called a chandelier. Compared with the ordinary lamps and lanterns, droplight the ability to apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere is very strong, especially in luxury, upscale place. We often see in the hall of the star hotel above the splendid chandelier, also in celebrity party places to see in their shining overhead droplight, but this is not the same as droplight is on high, and the distance between ordinary people, in fact, decorate in the household, we will be installed on the ceiling of the restaurant a warm droplight. Not only in the traditional sense that big occasion of droplight, European style, Chinese style, restore ancient ways, modern, and so on, different styles of droplight are endowed with different meanings, and crystal droplight itself is also a great work of art, using the chandelier is a technology, but also art. Different droplight factory crystal droplight, its quality and the price will be vary widely. Some famous chandelier factory in order to guarantee the quality, to prevent the sham as the genuine, can engrave on each crystal act the role of brand logo, as long as you can identify carefully when buy clear. Crystal accessories can refract sunlight into five colour light, because the sun chromatography is wide and full color temperature range, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, all contain, high refractive index of the crystal decoration strong refraction effect make colorful light strong now. If the lamp light source is the narrow spectrum of monochromatic light, how to fold itself without QiSeGuang spectrum also refraction seven colourful. So generally adopt in crystal hanging lamp spectrum color WenGuang incandescent lamp shade, quartz lamp shade, the light source power high intensity ratio of the low power light denier 7 colour effect is good. Connected to the lamp and chandelier factory crystal hang buckle also is various, with round buckle, fancy stitch button, arrow, needles, elliptical, etc. , the poor quality of crystal accessories rust faster, a light good European style crystal droplight is the crystal hanging buckle will be consistent and fixtures are color, color preserving period and fixtures are consistent. If the crystal hanging buckle quality is bad, will make the whole of the whole lamp is beautiful. And narrow fluorescent lamp energy-saving light source color temperature is not used in crystal droplight. Existing designers will crystal decoration decoration in monochromatic optical fiber, LED lights, multiple refraction surface of crystal accessories spot apparent 覚 effect. Crystal chandelier light multi-purpose E14 denier, the lamp denier good don't use lamp holder, pointed straight down position, tungsten wire is easy to support ring and spiral bulb hook short circuit discharge lamp shade, foreign E14 pointed denier packing box is shown on the direction of the installation shall be forbidden to use. Domestic no hint, but actual use may occur, and can't find the reason.
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