To tell you the structure of the outdoor wall lamp and installation techniques

by:Rongde     2020-09-12
Classical full copper wall lamp, can be divided into full copper interior wall lamp and full copper outdoor wall lamp two types. The light body structure and installation method is roughly same, just in the copper outdoor wall lamp as an example to expound. All copper wall lamp light body structure can be divided into: hangs Taiwan, backplane, bent arm, bald mother of chimney. Should make sure that when we install the copper wall lamp chimney after assembly vertical plane parallel to the wall, will bear the additional installation wire into the back edge of less than, otherwise easy to cause the wire with wall extrusion. Fixed back mother bald head, at least 3 - lock teeth Is to the number of the 5 teeth, to ensure that all outdoor wall lamp is installed in copper and the overall level of position.

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