To tell you how to clean the whole copper dome light

by:Rongde     2020-09-03
Customers in addition to choose whole copper chandelier, whole home outfit will also need some copper absorb dome light, all installed in the bedroom, study, corridor and so on. However a lot of people think the copper dome light is close to the ceiling, feel the dust is not easy to enter, not easy dirty, don't need to clean at ordinary times. Actually otherwise, when the whole copper dome light to light, can produce some of the electromagnetic response, easy adsorption of dust in the air; Lights will also attract mosquitoes worm into the chimney; In addition, the ceiling will deformation because of long-term under the baking of lamps and lanterns, thus forming some gap, send in the dust, insects, etc. Time is long, not only easy to make the light fuzzy, affect vision, can also affect the lamps and lanterns is beautiful. Then tell you how to clean the whole copper dome light.

the chimney of different material, different cleaning methods: cloth lamp shade, can use first small vacuum suction surface dust, then pour some detergent scrub. If the copper dome light shade inside is paper material, should avoid to use detergent directly, in case of damage, with dry cloth to wipe it again; If it is frosted glass chimney dip in with soft cloth clean toothpaste, concave and convex of dirt can use soft cloth wrapped toothpick processing; Dirt on the lamp holder, first get rid of surface dust, then squeeze toothpaste on the cotton swab. There is also a small doohickey: about a beer bottle of vinegar into half pot of water to make, the cloth in the soaking, twist dry after cleaning lamps and lanterns, that would not damage the lamps and lanterns. Often clean the copper dome light can not only keep the new look, at the same time can also extend the service life of lamps and lanterns.

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