To tell you all copper lamp is how to correctly put at home?

by:Rongde     2020-09-05
Said to decorate, besides choosing lamps and lanterns is very important, know how to put right is also a crucial step, both should consider and the integral collocation of the space, also want to consider the lighting effect, thus understand the correct installation position is the primary, tell you home today all copper lamp correct placement.

is the main place to home sitting room, the sitting room in the sitting room at the bottom of the chandelier from the minimum distance of the ground should be 2 m ~ 2. 1 m, if it is double entry building, sitting room is almost two stories tall, so the design of the sitting room chandelier at least not less than the second floor.

all copper lamp position should be from inside the bedroom floor 2. 1 meter. If you put all the bedroom copper lamp installed in the position of your bed upper part, it is important to note that when you kneel on the bed lamp from your head at least 15 cm distance.

restaurant droplight position and want to have 70 - table between the desktop 85 cm distance. Fully copper lamp of the kitchen should be arranged in 1 from the ground. 8 meters, kitchen countertops, 70 - or distance 85 centimeters, the installation position should be high enough.

if the corridor is the sort of elongated in the home, so let keep full copper lamp in the same direction. Storeys high corridor can be installed all small droplight, copper lamps and floor between should have at least two. 1 meter distance, so you don't give a person a kind of depressive feeling.

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