Three ways to distinguish between the copper solder glass lamp is good or bad

by:Rongde     2020-09-18
A recruit: the joint

in the whole copper solder glass lamp has many places except with a screw lock is made of sealing welding, welding is a craft, high technical requirements of the laborer, different hardware fittings need fixed together, most of them are with wind welding

identify tools: eyes

identification method: observe the welding parts, if the big welding scar, low technical instructions, serious might crack. Some manufacturer in order to avoid the obvious flaws, such as in gold coating on the joint of dye. But as long as take a closer look at, you will find the location of the daub and other locations have clear off color. Good welding is a welding scar small, welding place beautiful appearance smooth, welding deformation, few stomata.

the second recruit: surface polishing

metal surface polishing is a process to do after color front steps. Metal materials surface is rough, if not directly to the polishing color can give a person very uncomfortable feeling, as a high-grade decorative lamps & ndash; — The copper solder glass lamp. Also lost their noble meaning. Polishing (
Also called grinding) , in general, according to the roughness of the material and workpiece quality requirements to choose with sand and polishing step, if it is too rough material should stop before the raw materials warehouse, because the surface of the metal material, if damage or concave and convex polished will be powerless. Polishing effect is to make the solder glass lamp flat metal surfaces into detailed light and have the rules of the grain, make to the color of the effect is better, is also a necessary step before do color. Identify finished goods to through the surface of lamps and lanterns, for people who is a bit difficult, but according to the following method to basically can see.

identify tools: macroscopic observation

identify ways: through the surface of metal material surface. 1. If irregular grain metal materials, is not polished. 2. If is joyful feeling that polishing only thick sand again, this involves the matter of feeling. Solder glass lamp should pass three times, in general, polishing to achieve proper effect, specifically polishing this step, affect the quality of the place many, imported and domestic sand, wax with multi-purpose, the technical level of workers, less degree of qualified workers every process again, all is the place that affect the polishing quality. There are many manufacturers step can not meet the requirements, are simply a xiasha is completed. So are all these lamps and lanterns can only far view not nearly to play.

three recruit: look at the color

this is a chemical application discipline, which pays attention to a lot more. For soldering lamp, domestic currently do only bronze color, black and dark brown three kinds of color. The key lies in the chemical treatment method is different, the quality also has difference, from color to see. Tan, for example: the closer the natural bronzing is better, through the simple sense of copper surface of copper is, of course, the more the better. Is solder glass lamp do to emphasize the bronze craft, there is a lot of articles in although call tan, but according to the color difference is not the same is also points a lot of kinds, a dozen even tan color close points, the price of its surface treatment also has the very big difference, from 60 yuan/square meters to 400 yuan/square meters, prices generally in sequence from high to low, the cost difference is very big, suckers.

because there are many professional problem, because its too complicated, can't do it all introduced here. Can only tell you a probably distinguish simple method of soldering light tan:

1, observe the surface of glass solder lamp, if the light body or parts surface has less rules with small grain ( That kind of feeling should be yellow in red) , the closer the better.

2. Solder watch glass lamp presence of pantothenic acid. Look from surface to depth, found that the surface of the metal materials have spots, serious when it looked like iron rust is the same feeling. It shows that after the mixture of copper after acid cleaning, no acid residue to clean clean and lead to its chemical reaction happened to copper, in the face of a little bit similar to the trace of rust as, serious condition, the Lantern Festival is very ugly.

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