Three major characteristics of depth resolution glass dome light

by:Rongde     2020-09-10
Glass dome light design has a lot of, in the daily living in adornment is an indispensable of a people, both installed or installed in the bedroom in the sitting room no acosmia feeling, fashion and joker. Show snow depth resolution for everyone under the glass dome light characteristics.

glass dome light outstanding characteristic is the glass material, is it good glass glittering and translucent, pervious to light, used as the chimney of dome light, it is the embodiment of the essence of fashion, the security firm is not easy to rust, exquisite design, reveal the designer's unique design.

glass dome light and an obvious characteristics at the same time, is resistant to high temperature. We all know, lamps and lanterns once bright for a long time, the light bulb will be fever, if cannot afford the glass heat, can appear safe hidden trouble, so the glass dome light of high temperature resistant characteristics are well known, it has good heat dissipation effect.

glass dome light and one trait is good pervious to light, pervious to light quality is completely depends on the glass. And the glass dome light on adornment, compared to other absorb dome light, line is concise and lively, fresh and elegant, to build a sense of bright space.

the above said the characteristics of the glass dome light, you know? Learn more about the glass dome light information, please call the national free hotline:.

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