Three key points in the process of customized lamps and lanterns, how much do you know?

by:Rongde     2020-09-28
Now the market is getting more and more popular personal custom, and lamps and lanterns is no exception, many people is decorating the house, for the general design of lamps and lanterns is not satisfied, began to seek the lamps and lanterns of personalization, but in the actual when choosing lamps and lanterns of custom will encounter many problems. The following list for you about the three points in the process of customized lamps and lanterns, how much do you know?

1。 Communicated adequately with stylist,
when we customize the lamps and lanterns, often require and lamps and lanterns manufacturer of designer in-depth and sufficient communication, need to clear their own custom requirements, at the same time, combined with their own preferences and the design of decorate a style to tell each other, so the designer can according to the actual situation of your house, to make a reasonable custom design of lamps and lanterns, through continuous modification can achieve the result that we want.

2。 To factory hall know
we also need to know about the custom the real actual strength of manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, mouth says, after all, still need to visit more at ease. Can ask each other to take us to visit sample customized lamps and lanterns of the exhibition hall, basically be to understand the other side of the production process, in the most popular styles of lamps and lanterns, so on subsequent custom also has a promoting role of lamps and lanterns, better to choose the appropriate lamps and lanterns.

3。 Designers to field
in order to make out the lamps and lanterns of won't appear error, we also need our designers understand the actual situation to the inside of a house, to measure the size and location of the lamps and lanterns, a professional designer to measure the position of lamps and lanterns should be from different directions, to obtain measurement data, and according to the color of the furniture and decorations customized programs to choose the appropriate lamps and lanterns, reach a mutually reinforcing visual effect.

above is at the time of custom lamps and lanterns, we need to understand the three main points, don't know how many friends know? In fact is always need careful selection of custom lamps and lanterns, need to understand each of these processes, as much as possible to guarantee the quality of lamps and lanterns.
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