Three european-style lamp selection principles do you know?

by:Rongde     2020-08-30
Now more and more people choose the Europe type style of household to decorate, because European style decoration gives a person the sense with a kind of elegant and noble, so the choice of home decoration is very exquisite, take Europe type desk lamp selection, for instance, also is to have cultured, today just like you choose three principles about Europe type desk lamp.

the first, the principle of collocation

in the process of buying European desk lamp of first consideration is tie-in sex, Europe type desk lamp when the choose and buy should not only consider whether or not the desk lamp modelling with style and space of the bedroom decorate photograph collocation, consider the size, furniture and so on factors, thus to determine the modelling of lamps and lanterns. But also consider whether the appearance of the Europe type desk lamp color with the bed of the bedroom color photograph collocation, so as to make people feel comfortable in use process, there will be no messy feeling.

the second, the principle of lighting

as local lighting, desk lamp is also commonly used in the bedroom, so try to choose when buying european-style lamp light soft decoration products, at the same time, the light brightness can't too bright, chimney generally choose the frosted glass, cloth and so on material, this kind of Europe type desk lamp adornment effect more highlighted.

2, style collocation principle

Europe type desk lamp luxuriant elegance, desk lamp, as one of the accessories in the room, pay attention to color, the material should be and advocate the lamp, furniture design, metope tonal in harmony, the whole room decoration style; In addition, because the lamp is mainly meet before lighting needs, therefore, the choice of lamps and lanterns can also vary from person to person. If have the habit of reading before sleeping, it is suggested that choose the light source that shield an eye is better, to protect people's eye.

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