Those you don't know the restaurant droplight geomancy taboo

by:Rongde     2020-09-06
Restaurant is the place that the family reunion dinner, decorate in the Chinese restaurant is quite exquisite, also have some geomancy taboo restaurant droplight, today we to say that you don't know the restaurant droplight geomancy taboo.

a, unfavorable and overmuch use shoot the light. The dining room in addition to install a restaurant chandeliers as the main light, at the same time also can install some lamp to supplement the lighting, but if dining-room lamp too much, easy to let a person produce the feeling of vertigo. At the same time will affect people dining atmosphere, reduce appetite.

2, restaurant modelling droplight shoulds not be too complicated. The family sit together to enjoy beautiful dinner, warm and happy picture, is a pleasant thing, but don't let dining-room lamp modelling too trival, shall, in a convenient and practical design is advisable.

3, unfavorable choose pure white chimney droplight restaurant. In the Chinese fengshui pure white chimney decorated restaurant gives person's feeling is fading, because the selection of Chinese funeral is a white, so in that sense, there is a kind of taboo, so if you want to choose three restaurants droplight, avoid the use of white, it will bring your family's health feng shui.

4, restaurant droplight should accord with the characteristics of smooth. The droplight with qualitative material of no matter what the shape of the chandelier or something, it is best not to have the sharp Angle. As long as no sharp Angle will bring us a sense of security, and is also good on feng shui feng shui.

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