There were many, wrought iron lamp plate, such as plastic, metal, metal and ceramic

by:Rongde     2020-08-12
Wrought iron chandelier is different from the past, wrought iron, modern, wrought iron as a kind of pure decoration has entered the household environment. Conversion from solid used decorative function, reflected the people's aesthetic values change, that is, from material values into a spiritual values, from traditional aesthetics to pluralistic aesthetic view. In addition to adhering to the traditional model, more giant art sculpture, sweet furniture supplies, subtle and even is a bookshelf, a candlelight, a casket jewel box, ubiquitous, wrought iron products, flashing everywhere in people's modern life. Wrought iron chandelier, its unique temperament, modelling added infinite to modern fashion colors. Wrought iron in the process of handmade condensed the wisdom of the workers in the process of appreciation and injected the appreciation taste, this is a full representation of the wrought iron. In today's society, the rapid development of science and technology, we need more high level of spiritual culture to balance itself, to decorate itself contains the cultural connotation of demand is higher and higher. Wrought iron products, due to the particularity of its material and craft, determines its maintenance and maintenance also has a lot of special place. As an extension of the time river, long bei s give a thick cultural precipitation; Natural and perfect. Storey height meters above, wall color light green, blue, can be used to absorb dome light jade lamp, make a light bright spacious, a sense of noise, richly; The height under 3 meters, milk yellow or white metope, should be adopted, wrought iron lamp, in order to increase the sitting room capacious feeling. When installed, want to understand is that a new house jade lamp low gap ground not less than 3. 2 meters, the hotel jade lamp installed width can't be too low, too low will become very congestion, also will give a person a depressive feeling. Wrought iron chandelier, due to a new house is the location of the guests, a good beautiful beautiful to decorate. New house is jade lamp, wrought iron lamp, should be in accordance with the width of a room of his own house, and individual be fond of, their favorite is good. The same as the other lamps and lanterns, manufacturing, wrought iron lamp plate many, such as plastic, metal, metal and ceramic. Longer some ceramic, metal, will not degenerate, and very fashion.
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