There are several fixed ways of glass dome light lamp shade

by:Rongde     2020-09-18
The glass dome light design is contracted joker, are very popular among many customers. There are often customers buy home, feel SO easy to installation, decide for themselves, but it turns out that not SO simple, the good hole, fixed the chassis, found the chimney has not yet been installed, installed?

small make up today is primarily concerned with, all the copper solder glass dome light and full copper American glass dome light fixed method of the lamp shade.

full copper solder glass dome light
full copper solder glass dome light of glass lamp shade is usually with copper frame into an organic whole, at the time of installation in the inside with cuttlefish nut lock, then with suction chassis together.

American glass dome light
American glass dome light basic is one of the glass lamp shade, round bread shaped, separated from copper frame glass chimney, the chimney is threaded, mostly for chassis rotation.

the above two methods of the glass dome light fixed you have learned? Learn more about the glass dome light information, please call the national free hotline:.
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