The use of wrought iron chandelier, the difference between the skills and classification

by:Rongde     2020-08-21
For some families, perhaps due to the reason of choose and buy the table is very long, so, you may want to consider using a few small, wrought iron chandelier, decorate it. Every, wrought iron chandelier should have switch, so you can according to the light of the need to create a smaller or larger space. Can choose and buy 5 sets for the space or seven light bulb or a dainty style restaurant, wrought iron chandelier, the simple sense of glass connect fully, and ceramic and glass combination, such as modelling of the lilies, wrought iron chandelier, will be ecstatic. Choose, wrought iron chandelier, there are ways: hanging height, chimney, globe, all needs to carefully select material and form, lest cause uncomfortable glare. Wrought iron chandelier, appropriate to the height of about 55 - from desktop commonly — — 60 centimeters, and should choose optional device of rise and fall of lamps and lanterns, so as to adjust and choose height. Like plastic rice white, wrought iron chandelier, modelling natural without carve, casual, chimney spiral shape can be adjusted freely. , wrought iron chandelier, maintenance and cleaning: it was a beautiful wrought iron chandelier generally have more complex shape and chimney, if wet dusty, lamps and lanterns is often easy to rust, paint, chimney is increasingly dim by soil, if it is not to deal with, the average decrease about thirty percent a year, a few years, wrought iron chandelier will dim without luster. Different, the design inspiration, wrought iron chandelier was inspired by the ancient people's candle lighting style, and Chinese style, wrought iron chandelier was inspired by Chinese lantern of the old ways. Second, the appearance of different modelling, wrought iron chandelier comparison have administrative levels feeling, full of rationalism. And Chinese style, wrought iron chandelier, the continuation of traditional Chinese wind, modelling is a single, generally for oval like lantern, old or founder of the form such as the ancient palace lantern. Ou, wrought iron chandelier, exquisite luxuriant, luxury, and Chinese style, wrought iron chandelier, emphasize its culture, pay attention to symmetry, founder. Three, the different cultural atmosphere, wrought iron chandelier, gorgeous, mainly appear in more elegant and noble. And Chinese style, wrought iron chandelier, artistic atmosphere is strong, generally appear in the national wind heavy area of local art and culture atmosphere. And do not conflict, see individual be fond of.
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