The upcoming 2020 how to grasp the market development trend of non-standard custom of lamps and lanterns

by:Rongde     2020-07-26
Lamps and lanterns, as a kind of durable consumer goods, its function is not only physical, and spiritual, people when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy more of a great personality. In gao archives center, star hotel, restaurants, nightclubs, gao file example room, villa lighting scheme when the choice, many are need to customize non-standard lamps and lanterns, no customization to fit in the space of style, size, and personalized needs.

lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom-made process design will be more emphasis on 'people-oriented' concept, how to design a reasonable lighting customized programs will engine lighting custom process optimization 'revolution'. Non-standard customization process of lamps and lanterns is different from general lighting of choose and buy, the first lighting custom designer need to have a close contact and communication with users, learn the user's interest and need a place to style, through on-site survey and field careful evaluation, design a reasonable lighting customized programs. Mainly divided into the following steps: 'to participate in the customer needs to follow up to communicate with customer master lighting custom requirements and matters needing attention to lamp act the role ofing customized product refinement and structure design, communicate with customers, confirm the custom lighting lamp is acted the role of custom color and structure design and construction drawing of production scheduling and issue the lamp is acted the role of custom in the early embryo, photographed and sent to the customer to confirm audit confirmation, enter the lamp is acted the role of custom surface treatment process - product completed - invite customers to factory inspection, Or send the product photos to confirm) Archive - on time delivery and installation - customers, after-sales service '.

each step, closely linked to customer needs and intentions as the center, continuously optimize lighting customized programs, access to customer confirmation and satisfaction. Non-standard customized programs of lamps and lanterns is the foundation of custom work, 'basic not firm, shaking,' if this didn't well done, the back of the work will not follow, will lose the customer trust, so, this link is the experience of lamp act the role ofing custom in. Lamp is acted the role of custom scheme optimization, not only refers to the customer demand configuration design and the choice of the number of lamps and lanterns of the space, more important, including demand non-standard custom specifications of lamps and lanterns, table color requirement, material selection, process quality, personality and detail requirements reflect, etc. , it need to design and market researchers shoot guide with the customers, to customer intentions clear diagnosis.

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