The trick, the sitting room of choose and buy for you a full copper solder lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-21
Is a sitting room in addition to the bedroom, people for a long time a place, it is not only the center of the whole family activity, where they are required to receive relatives and friends. So when choosing lamps and lanterns of the sitting room must consider careful choice. Generally speaking, the living room by adopting the combination of overall and local illumination method to meet the requirements of the sitting room lights. Select the european-style full copper solder droplight of the sitting room is very important, european-style full copper solder droplight in whole sitting room is to have the effect that make the finishing point.

first how to choose ou all copper solder droplight?

1, from the height to judge, choose and buy:
to see whether the floor is high, the top is much higher, now most of the floor two six meters to two meters between eight and six floors two meters high, for example, the lamp body is 60 cm tall, under which the stay at the top of more than two meters tall, that is, for the sense on the vision is very comfortable, but also than the uniform light shot down, if floor around two meters six european-style full copper solder suggest don't choose droplight is higher than that in more than 60 cm, if more than 60 cm or more, the overall look will feel depressive space which can appear more narrow. If floor in more than two meters eight, can choose a European full copper solder droplight, the candle chandelier, it hangs down not only the light is better, and give a person a kind of visual aesthetic feeling, very warm.

2, from the aspects of tonal collocation, to choose and buy:
ou all copper solder droplight sitting room besides height is a colorific collocation, if the sitting room is walnut color, or annatto color choice, it is very big, can choose the black, or you can choose with a slightly red, golden color is suitable for the sitting room, all in all.

3, from the sitting room decorate a style, to order:
contemporary and contracted style, lamps and lanterns is part of the household is decorated, so the styles of lamps and lanterns to decorate a style to match, as a contemporary and contracted style with modern full copper solder lamp is matched.
Europe type style: of course with European full copper solder or luxury crystal lamp, droplight of style restoring ancient ways is the copper solder droplight, solidified the nostalgic feelings. White dignified elegance, and fancy little green ornament, thick KaoHuoLu historical flavor, full of modern style into the traces of history.
: Chinese style style with Chinese style full copper soldering lamp, lamp of the sitting room of Chinese style decorates the biggest characteristic is to be practical, but also simple and easy, in this way can the overall coordination. When choosing lamps and lanterns can't level of multifarious like crystal lamp, also can't like Europe type lamps and lanterns, showily richly. Because of Chinese style in the sitting room is mainly to build a kind to return uncut jade to put in artistic conception, such not only can attract the eyes of the person or the life that occupy the home is durable, elegant living room full copper solder lamp.

a few to consider from the basic, choose appropriate oneself family of european-style full copper solder droplight. Due to the families of the bedroom is different, the function of the sitting room is also different, such as part of the family might have to act as the role of dining-room, sitting room so when choosing lamps and lanterns of flexible control of the actual situation. All know that a home is the center of the sitting room, but the soul is to advocate the lamp of the sitting room. But because the bedroom pattern of each family is different, so in choosing a sitting room full of copper soldering lamp also be flexible according to the actual situation to match different lamps and lanterns of style of whole copper solder. When the choice must consider practical situation, make the sitting room will not appear drab, shabby, but don't too gorgeous, grasp a degree.

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